Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Trip to Karyn's Cooked

Tonight I got to hang with two of my favorite ladies, Liz and Danni.  Danni's family is in town and all of them happen to be vegetarians so, we decided to go to Karyn's Cooked (738 N. Wells St.) my favorite vegan restaurant in Chicago!

The menu is magical to me!  It is so rare to go to a restaurant and have choices. 

We ordered SO much food it was ridiculous!    We started with Buffalo Wings, Peanut and Barbecue Thai Skewers, and Jerry's Pizza...

The appetizers were delicious! I'm not usually a huge fan of seitan, but they did it right at Karen's...
Everyone got something different for a main course, and all of us were equally pleased!
I ordered The Flautas. They were filled with a mixture of tofu and carrot and were covered in vegan sour cream and came with homemade Pico De Gallo, Guacamole, and Refried Black Beans.  It was an excellent choice!  Delicious!

Liz ordered The Stuffed Eggplant without bread.  She is a South Beach  eater, so this was here real only option that fit with her diet...  She let me try some and it was very yummy!

I believe that this was a jerk tofu wrap, but I could be wrong.  It looked tasty though!

Danni's sister got the Lasagna.  She raved about it so I'm sure it was good!

Danni got the Taco Salad Bowl. It was HUGE!

Danni's bro got the Steak Sandwich.  It looked incredible!  I am definitely getting this on my next visit!

As you can see I ate almost everything on my plate!

 After all the food and drinks we were too stuffed to eat dessert, but also could not pass up the opportunity for gourmet vegan dessert! So we ordered it to go.

After I digested most of my food I dug into my dessert...  Coconut Cake. Yum!  I loved my trip to Karyn's Cooked!  Thanks Liz and Danni!!!!!

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