Sunday, August 14, 2011

Much Needed Healthful Meals

After road tripping to North Carolina, Jared and I found that many places are not quite as vegan friendly as Chicago is, and we were desperately in need of some healthy and delicious vegan food.  
I only had a few days to cook before my trip to Hong Kong, so I decided to make a couple dishes that would leave my lovie with plenty of leftovers.  

On Friday I made Tortilla Soup.  This simple delicious soup was filled with onion, jalapenos, poblano pepper, garlic, tomatoes, tortilla chips, cumin, pinto beans, corn and cilantro.  It was tangy and spicy and was just what we needed after a week of food on the run.

Sunday, I spent the day packing up my suitcase for my trip to Hong Kong, but I was sure to give myself plenty of time to cook one last healthful meal before leaving the country for two weeks.  I made Potato-Spinach Curry and served it over brown rice.  This curry was quick and easy to make.  Plus I got to toast my own mustard seeds, which is always fun! It was a simple recipe made up of, mustard seeds, onion, garlic, ginger, red pepper flakes, tomatoes, curry powder, cumin, salt, vegetable broth, potatoes, spinach and lime juice.  This meal was perfectly yummy! In fact, I thought it was just as good as how my favorite Indian restaurant prepares it.