Monday, October 17, 2011

Vegan MoFo- Makin' Pickles

A couple weeks ago my Mom asked me if I wanted to come over to make pickles. I hadn't made pickles with her since I was a kid, so Jared and I hurried over.

When we got there my Mom already had sterilized jars and the sweet pickle juice cooking on the stove and it smelled delicious!

We jumped in by cleaning a sink full of small cucumbers....

and slicing them into pickles sized slices.....

then we put them in the jars.....

poured the pickle juice over them.....

and tightened the lids.

Then it was time to seal the jars.

That's right, it's my Mom! She was all set up for this project.  (Isn't she adorable) The huge pot even had a rack inside to set the jars on over the boiling hot water.

Next she immersed the jars into the water. 

They were done in 10 minutes!

The hardest part was having to wait 2 weeks to sample these little guys.

Boy, was it worth the wait.  Sweet pickles are easily one of my favorite foods, and these are by far, the best sweet pickles I have ever eaten.  I'm going to have to slowly sneak as many jars of them as I can out of my parents house and into mine!