Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Vegan Mofo- Tofu Pesto Sandwich of Love

With loads of pesto in the fridge Jared and I have been putting it on everything, mushrooms, carrots, peppers, cucumbers... you name it and we've probably tried or at least thought about trying it.  We discovered that this sandwich is one of our favorite ways to eat it!

It consists of... sprouted grain toast with one side smeared with vegenasise and the other with pesto and piled high with tomatoes, red onion...

kalamata olives...

and a couple of pieces of cold Basic Baked Tofu out of Appetite for Reduction.

This is seriously the best sandwich I have ever eaten.  It's the perfect marriage of flavors.

We also cut up a sweet potato and baked french fries to eat on the side.  Sweet potato fries are my favorite food, so yum, yum.....double yum!