Monday, December 20, 2010

Once Again, Bale Saves the Day!

Last week I had an all day observation in Summit, IL where lunch was catered.  I knew it was going to be a boxed lunch and I was pretty sure the vegan lunch that I requested would be awful.  Turns out I was right!  The whole time I suffered through that awful lunch all I could think about was eating something more delicious.  Once our observation was over I had to go pick up Sarah so that her, Dalila, Courtney Olson, and I could meet up to work on a group presentation we had due the next day.  Before we could get any work done I knew I had to go get something real to eat.  Sarah and I decided on my favorite sandwich spot in Chicago, Bale (5016 N. Broadway).

Bale is a Vietnamese- French Sandwich Cafe.  They have many different sandwich choices for the omnivore and a couple choices for the vegetarian and vegan.  That afternoon I got my favorite out of the two vegetarian sandwiches that they offer, The Veggie Avocado with out cheese or mayo (fried tofu, fresh avocado, house pickle daikon, and carrot, lettuce, tomato, olive, vinegar, jalapeno, red onion, cilantro, soy sauce and salt and pepper).  

We brought our delicious sandwiches back to my place and I slapped some veganaise on it when I got home to make it even more delicious!   I was so hungry that I almost forgot to snap a picture of it!  If you haven't eaten at Bale, go give it a chance.  I'm pretty certain that you won't leave disappointed!