Monday, November 22, 2010

My Love of Kombucha

Anyone that knows me, knows I have a deep love and commitment to drinking Kombucha...
For those of you that don't know about this amazing tea, let me tell you a little about it. It is a Chinese tea that is cultured for 30 days and over that time, essential nutrients form such as: Active Enzymes, Viable Probiotics, Amino Acids, Antioxidants, and Polyphenols. All of these nutrients help keep you in balance.
When I first started drinking this tea I was suffering from chronic stomach aches. Since I don't have insurance and I am always looking for home remedies for my ailments, a friend of mine suggested that I try drinking Kombucha. After I began to drink this tea a few times a week, my stomach aches that I had been suffering from for years completely went away! It is a miracle beverage. Some say the taste takes some getting used to, but I love the flavor, maybe because it leads to a happy tummy, but it tastes good to me none the less.
If you are going to try drinking Kombucha, please be sure to get G.T's Kombucha. It is the only brand that I have found so far that isn't filled with sugar and tons of additives. This brand is made up of 95% Kombucha where as the other brands do not even come close.... (at least in the others I have looked at) Whole Foods Market always carries G.T's and if you REALLY like it and are adventurous in the kitchen you can even brew your own. Hopefully one day I will find the time and brew it myself and blog about my experiences here....


  1. Hey Courtney it's Katie (Danni's sister)...
    So bought the exact tea that you posted a picture of, and noticed that there are things floating in it. It said that is natural on the bottle (that strands may be visible) BUT I was wondering...Am I supposed to ingest those, or just kind of pick them out of the bottle? And when I went to take my first sip it took the breath out of me..literally! Like I could feel energy rushing into my mouth, so weird yet cool!

  2. Those stringy things are the good stuff! Ingest them for sure! So glad you tried it out... :-)

  3. Okay thank you! I will go for it! :D