Saturday, October 8, 2011

Vegan Mofo- The vegan family kitchen

Jared snapped some pictures of the kitchen so, here is a look at my favorite space in our flat...

Some of my spices

The side of the fridge

A few pictures of me in action...

Here is a view where you can see most of the kitchen.  Many of my cooking utensils are in canisters on the window ledge and we have a large stainless steal table for all my prepping needs....

A look inside the pantry... and yes,  there are produce stickers lining the shelves...

Jared made this amazing pot rack to free up some space.

A different spice rack.  I need loads of spices!


  1. I love seeing peoples kitchens. I wish that I had high enough ceilings to keep my fans up there rather than in a drawer.

  2. I also love seeing other people's kitchens! I like the shot from above. I want to know what yummy thing you were making.