Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vegan MoFo- Smoky Split Pea Soup

When I think about split pea soup I imagine a green mushy mass with rubbery pieces of ham inside.  Since Isa Chandra Moskowitz rarely lets me down I decided to hold back my prejudices and give the Smoky Split Pea Soup recipe a shot.

I am so glad that I tried this recipe out!  It was AMAZING!  It's nothing like the split pea soup I remember.  This soup had loads of paprika and carrots creating a truly delicious blend of flavors that wasn't mushy or rubbery at all.  This was hearty, smoky, and vegetabley joy!

Jared and I were super hungry, as we usually are at lunch time, so we made tofu sandwiches to go along with the soup.  I know I've already blogged about these delicious sandwiches, but we both thought that sharing this photo with the added avocado would definitely be worth your time!


  1. This was the first recipe I tried from AFR and it still remains as one of my favourites! I never liked the rubbery bits of ham as child but loved the flavour of the soup. Smoked paprika is such a wonderful spice. :D

  2. Soup & a sandwich, a classic combo! I love the soups in AFR, the Arabian Lentil & Rice Soup is perfect for a cold Autumn day.

  3. I <3 that soup too!
    Check out my blog about that one!